Spring Sunshine at The Tithe Barn - Rachel and Fraser

Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-112 (1).jpg

We were lucky to be hit with some early spring sunshine at the end of March which made for a beautiful backdrop for Rachel and Fraser’s wedding with us at The Tithe Barn.

Since opening in Summer 2019, we have held many fabulous weddings in the barn. Rachel and Fraser brought fun and charming guests, elegant and simple decorations, and a happy and graceful demeanour which made the whole day a pleasure to be a part of.

(Not forgetting to mention their stellar taste in photographers - Laura Calderwood - who worked her magic as usual!)

These are some of their wonderful photos, they really reflect what a lovely couple Rachel and Fraser make.

download (9).jpeg

Those nervous minutes of suspense!


Beautiful bridesmaids in their beautiful dresses

Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-76 (2).jpg

Because who doesn’t love the confetti shot!

Such a beautiful blue sky!

Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-107 (2).jpg
Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-131 (2).jpg

We love simplicity when it comes to table decorations, Rachel and Fraser balanced this so well.

Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-168 (2).jpg

Classic aprons for the meat carvers!

download (25).jpeg
Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-192 (2).jpg
Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-178 (2).jpg

Never too far from sheep in North Yorkshire!

Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-175 (2).jpg
download (26).jpeg
Tithe+Barn+-+Laura+Calderwood+Photography+-+29.3.19+-+Mr+&+Mrs+Lancaster290319-176 (2).jpg

“We had the most amazing day. There is not one thing I can think of that we didn't love. Everyone was amazed at the venue and the food was beautiful! Thank you so much :)”

Here’s to Mr & Mrs Lancaster, wishing you both lots of love and happiness!

Marcus Bull